All about me :)

Barry Johnson has nearly a decade of experience in the fields of art/design. BJ worked as the production manager for and as a vinyl wrapper for Phenomenal vinyl.  BJ devotes his spare time to his passion for cars from wrenching his beloved Honda Ruckus to his uncles fully restored 57′ Chevy Bel air. As a blogger, Bj authors a variety of automotive enthusiast “How-to videos”, track/street racing vids, photos and art posts.

“I started out as a production/creative services intern at Marvel Comics in New York, having studied at Parsons School of Design and SVA (School of Visual Arts) helped shape and hone my artistic/design skills but I found that after my studies were complete I wanted to do more hands on automotive design work. So after learning the ropes with an elite wrap class I started working for the guys over at Phenomenal Vinyl.DSC_0187


4 responses to “All about me :)

  1. Goodmorning. How much will it be to wrap a 05 Audi s4 in a golden black wrap. I will provide the wrap.Thank you

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