Sensory Overload

From the moment I authorized my card to be charged, I knew this would not be the same old frat boy wet dream of a Vegas trip that most envision. I had to keep my intentions in check being that this vacation was in celebration of a successful year of marriage being completed, but any trip to the West Coast will always have underlying automotive intentions for gear heads. Which brings me to the reason for this post, Las Vegas Nevada  seemed to have a relaxed tuner scene that surprised me being that all of it is covered by vast expansive three to four lane roads with sprawling gorgeous mountain views.  Literally, I could count on one hand the Nissan Z’s and Evo’s I saw cruising around but then I thought about it, tuner cars often have issues and in NY if you break down you’ll call AAA and you’ll be ok. But in Vegas if your car breaks down you’ll be stuck walking through the desert in 124 degree weather and god forbid you have a car with no ac. So I was a little disappointed until I took a cab and traveled north of the strip to Las Vegas Motor Speed Way to the Exotics Racing Experience to drive the legendary Nissan Gtr for the first time.

Ok, I have to start off by saying that my track experience is slightly above beginner status I read and do tons of research but I only drag race and do kart racing about six to ten times per year and push my evo as much as possible every chance I get. The highest hp car I’ve ever driven was a friends 600 wheel horse power evo flat out from one stop light to the next and I have no road coarse experience or training so with that said I was very overwhelmed when I took out the 545 hp 2013 Nissan Gtr for 7 laps. I thought, I’d show these guys how to do this and be like the black Randy Pobst but was quickly reduced to giggling school girl status when I mashed the pedal hitting upwards of 1.2 lateral g’s easily in the twists. Passing was allowed so when you watch the video make sure to take notice of  my driving instructor noting that,”I thoroughly embarrassed the Ferrari in a Nissan”. My instructor  was excellent also, pushing me to use the entire track I learned that I was driving godzilla as if it were a go kart and I needed to push harder and utilize more of the track. The experience gave me a better understanding of the difference between an Evo and a gtr, I always thought that the evo was the closest thing to a gtr and yes they do have similarities like balance, awd and boost but as I was pushing the gtr all I could think of was that it felt nothing like my evo. The power is not like an, “on/off” switch in the gtr there is a continued thrust of power that utterly staples you to your seat and with a small coarse such as this one I ran out of road way before  power. This trip served as my test drive of the gtr and I was somewhat afraid that it would feel like a large car in comparison to the evo and surprisingly it didn’t at 183.9 “x 74.6 “ over the evo’s  177″ x 71.3″ exterior length and width. The weight of the gtr did feel massive and made me nervous when the tires started squealing for dear life but only at first, the more my instructor told me to push forward the more I noticed the grip was nearly infinite.

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As an added bonus I knew that the major tuning shop in Vegas was, “Insane Speed” from all their dsportmag features of 1k hp supra and evo builds. Google tiffany blue evo, so I facebooked them a week before I was coming down but when I got to the race track I didn’t realize that their shop is literally in the same location. So my wife and I walked down the road and were greeted by the owner Brett who gave us a tour of the facility and some of the most amazing builds I had ever seen in person. The limited time I had there was enough to assure me that If I put my trust in these guys with a project of my very own that I would not be disappointed. It was inspiring speaking to Brett, a like minded individual who has dreamed of turning his passion for cars into a profitable business, and profitable it is. I witnessed at least 20 all out builds in their shop from evo 8-10, Supra’s, even an air to water cooled turbo teggy that brought me back to my high school honda days. They had a starion and Nsx and even the female owned black supra with pink under hood accents featured in dsport a while back. There was no shortage of tuner car interest in Vegas you just have to know where to look and once I knocked on the door at, “Insane Speed” I was greeted by the mother load. Thanks Brett for showing Priscilla & I around and we’ll be back. For more info hit up Insane speed for a build or Exotics racing for your own test drive of an exotic car today.

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